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Teaching Critical Reading Strategies (CREST) through an Intensive Professional Development Model

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You get:

•The chance to help us make a DIFFERENCE
$$ for your efforts
• Career-enhancing experience
Mentoring with a UTSA faculty

We Need:

A chance to study your students’ achievements
•The opportunity to document your success stories
•To provide education officials proof that YOU make a difference

Our Study:

This study measures the impact of professional development with seasoned, elementary and middle school teachers in a multimedia environment on student performance. This study is funded by a Teacher Quality Research—Reading/Writing grant (CFDA # 84.305) and will focus on the professional development of instructional strategies that develop higher-level thinking skills in second through eighth grade learners. Students will be immersed in three, critical literacy inquiry projects over the course of their school year. Each of these inquiry projects will provide opportunities for students to interact with traditional and electronic texts and will focus on the instruction of comprehension. It is our goal to use comparison data to refine this professional development by measuring student performance in reading and writing. We anticipate that our findings will prepare us to test your successes on a national level.

Feel free to contact us via email CREST@UTSA.EDU or by phone at 210.458.5305

Interested in joining?
We are currently seeking teacher particiapation in Harlandale ISD, Judson ISD and San Antonio ISD. Complete the following FORM and email it to CREST@UTSA.EDU.


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