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Teaching Critical Reading Strategies (CREST) through an Intensive Professional Development Model
Meet the Team:


Dr. Misty Sailors is the Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI). Dr. Sailors is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Education at UTSA. Dr. Sailors will ensure that all research objectives are met, will design and co-write the content of the professional development, will train observers, and monitor data collection. She will also provide mentoring support for elementary teachers.
Meet The Team
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Dr. Janis Harmon is the co-PI. Dr. Harmon is a Professor of Middle School Literacy Education at the UTSA. She is responsible for delivery of Professional Development with middle school teachers and will provide mentoring support for a middle school teacher. In addition, she is serving as a consultant on the development of the CREST WebQuests.


Dr. Miriam Martinez is a Professional Development Expert, her research focuses on children’s literature and reading comprehension. She has been involved in planning and delivering professional development. In addition, she is serving as a consultant on the development of the CREST WebQuests.
Dr. Susan Keehn is a Professional Development Expert for the elementary teachers and is a literacy consultant with the project. She helps plan and deliver professional development to CREST teachers.  In addition, she is serving as a consultant on the development of the CREST WebQuests.
Dr. Roxanne Henkin, is a Professional Development Expert for this study. A Professor of Early Childhood Education and Literacy Education, her work focuses on critical literacy education. Dr. Henkin will collaborate in the development of the middle school WebQuests.
Dr. Maria Kaylor, is a differientiated instruction expert for the CREST grant. An Assistant Professor of Special Education, her work focuses on the integration of technology for students with disabilities. Dr. Kaylor will differentiate the instruction within the lesson plans for all WebQuests.
Lucretia M. Fraga is the Research Coordinator. She will oversee and manage all staff positions. Plan, schedule and coordinate activities in assigned programs and projects. Produce and distribute program materials and ensure all grant processes and project benchmarks requirements are met. She is also the Instructional Technology Expert and will oversee the content design and development of the WebQuests.
Dr. Larry Price, an external consultant, is currently an Associate Professor of Psychometrics & Statistics at Texas State University in San Marcos. Dr. Price will statistically analyze the quantitative data for the CREST grant at UTSA.

Wei-Chih Hsiung is the Research Associate II for the teacher quality grant. Just having completed his master's degree in Instructional Technology, Wei is responsible for the organization and retrieval system of the central database. He is the liason between those who collect and analyze the data for this project.

Martha Bohrer is the Administrative Assistant for the CREST project. Martha oversees the daily operations of the office and helps with the daily decision-making.  Martha comes to the project with many years of experience in the field of communication.  
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